Therese Regalado

Therese Regalado (b. 1987) researches and relates materials, craft and puzzle-solving in making objects. Her work intervenes with processes of how materials are made and fidgeting with notions of restrictions and assembly—to combine parts into objects that are open to interpretation.

ware-co (founded in 2013) is a project inspired by her research and investigations on how things and materials are adapted in their surroundings along with the human touch. Importance is placed on long-term usage, inviting gestures and carrying. With each item is a careful balance of proportion and practicality. They are things with daily movement considered.

Within the reware collection are used objects found in antique and surplus stores. Beyond restoration, Regalado intervenes into the afterlife of an already discarded object, carefully considering new purposes and possibilities, designing to contribute to it’s future function. The wearware collection, a series of bags and socks produced in small runs made entirely in the Philippines. They are all objects for domestic environments and objects to go.

Lives and works in the Philippines

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