Prototype (chest)
Reworked and released in 2021


32.8 x 20.5 x 26 cm


Japan surplus, Eucalyptus wood veneer, acrap wood, adhesives, sealer

Bangkok Biennial 2020
Online Pavillion
No More Mesmerizations
Curated by Vincent Ardidon

In all types of Eucalyptus trees, the bark dies each year. In smooth bark types, the bark comes off in flakes curls or long strips. In rough bark eucalyptus, the bark doesn’t fall off as easily, but accumulates in entwined, stringy masses of the tree. Shedding eucalyptus tree bark may help keep the tree healthy. As the tree sheds its bark, it also sheds any mosses, lichens, fungi and parasites that may live on the bark. Some peeling bark can perform photosynthesis, contributing to the rapid growth and overall health of the tree. The bark is highly flammable, so the grove creates a fire hazard. ornamental/trees/eucalyptus/