Shou Sugi Ban Chest.2 (Propane)—SOLD
Reworked and released in 2021

* Second revision 2021

* Yakisugi can be literally translated as “burned cedar”.
It has been used as a traditional method to protect timber s
iding surfaces, mostly for exterior cladding on traditional
Japanese houses, when there was still no means of chemical
wood protection. This method of Yakisugi improves siding
longevity by preventing decay; insect and mould infestation;
makes the planks more dimensionally stable and improves fire retardancy. Yakisugi is also now commonly know as “Shou Sugi Ban”
– with Sugi having the same meaning as Sugi in Yakisugi.

25.6 x 22.8 (24.3 cm with handle) x 25 cm
Drawers- 21.3 x 19.5 x 4.8 cm

Quantity: 1 pc only

Cedar wood with japanese joints, plywood back,
metal nameplate hardware, brass sheet

Work done:
found, sanded, removed and added some parts, torched and finished in blue flame/Propane

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